The other world (engels)

Ik ben bezig met een engels boek te schrijven.Ik zou dit graag met iedereen willen delen. Mijn voornaamste vraag is wat vinden jullie ervan?


Knock knock....knock knock. A woman opens a window: who is there? An other woman puts her hood off. It’s me she says, I came to deliver you something that’s really important for us all. Did it happen already rose? Yes it did, but can you please let me come inside before we are discovered? Yes yes sure! I’m sorry I got all occupied with my own thoughts. The woman runs down the stairs and opens the door. Rose comes in and gives the woman the basket. The woman looks inside it and looks worried. What is the plan from now on? You need to go to the human world and disguise yourself as a human being. Make sure that you can’t be followed nor be found by them. This little girl needs to be safe till the time comes that she needs to return home. You will be her mother from on and you will make sure she is safe from every evil thing that lurks around. We made a necklace for her to protect her from her own magic. Its best to keep that necklace on her at all times. We will keep in touch with you every week so we can see that everything is alright with you and the little one. Alright I need to go now I wish you the best miss. Rose opens the door and looks back one more time before closing the door behind her. The woman starts gathering everything she has and leaves the house with the little one. She walks pass some houses and stops at a building that represents a church bows give a quick pray and starts walking again. She enters a forest and stops at a golden river. The woman mumbles a spell and jumps into the water. The water wraps itself around her and the baby and spits her out. The woman lands in a other forest and walks in to the human world without anyone noticing her.


I am walking in the forest I’m looking up and see that the moon is very bright this evening. I notice that it is getting colder and colder. Trying to look around trying to find a trace of humanity or animals but nothing is there. A strange fog is coming my way it crashes in so fast that I find it hard to breath. I stopped walking trying to focus on my breathing. The moment I look up, there is a strange man standing in front of me. I try to scream but I can’t. The man comes closer and closer. I look at him and notice that he has dark brown hair, his eyebrowns are looking rough but beautiful, his eyes are green almost looks like they are glowing. His body exists only out of muscles. My eyes met his eyes again. Who are you? I asked him. There was no answer the only thing he did was pointing with his finger to the moon and said: Becareful they will surely find you! Wwwhat do you mean? The man looked at me again and smiled sadly. I look up at the sky and saw that the world got dark the moon was gone and the only thing that was visible were little tiny lights. I looked at the lights coming closer and saw something horrible. Monsters! They looked like they could devour the world. I noticed that their shadows looked strange. It almost looked like the shadows were in the air instead of on the ground. I try to run away but somehow I can’t move myself. I panic and try to find that man. In the corner of my eye I see a fast movement. When I look better I see that man fighting against those monsters. Suddenly I find myself in danger a few monsters are running towards me I hear one of them saying kill her, Kill that princess! I got confused but before I could even think about anything at all I felt a awfull pain in my chest. I touch the spot where it hurts and I see blood my blood. My knees couldnt hold me anymore and I saw that everything became hazy untill I only saw darkness. No monsters and no mister strange man. Yes I started to call him that since I dont know his name. Suddenly I heard someone calling my name …Shine…shine…Moonshine! Hey! Wake up! Hmmm what!? Wake up we need to get ready for school! While opening my eyes I try to see what time it is.

7 jaar geleden

Ik heb altijd gedroomd om mijn verhalen te mogen publiceren. Ik heb veel geschreven in het nederlands maar ik weet dat engels sneller ook door het buitenland word geaccepteerd.

7 jaar geleden

Waarom heb je besloten om in het engels te schrijven ipv nederlands? Ben hier gewoon benieuwd naar.

7 jaar geleden

Haha helemaal niet erg. Iedereen maakt fouten ;). Dank je wel voor je feedback. En ja ik heb mezelf er ook op betrapt dat ik wissel met tt en vt. Heel hinderlijk van mezelf. Door al jullie feedback kan ik mijn verhaal alleen maar verbeteren en mooier maken. Super bedankt ^.^

7 jaar geleden

En toen keek ik niet goed... Bijvoorbeeld was wat ik bedoelde....