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Man maakt 'gezondheidsgoeroes' belachelijk met hilarische foto's!

Deze man was helemaal klaar met alle gezonde recepten en fitnessoefeningen social media en besloot zelf een Instagram account te starten om zo de spot te drijven met alle gezondheidsgoeroes. Bekijk de foto's zelf maar, wij kunnen er stiekem erg om lachen!


ROCKET FUEL // Next time you're running low on #mondaymotivation for your workout swap out the standard espresso for a more summer-ready pre-workout. Totally fat-free, these lollies contain 10% of your sugar RDA for fast-access energy mainlined to your muscles. Not only that - and this is no joke, I actually checked, because, you know, I'm into fitness and therefore my conversation is relentlessly scintillating - the colourings come from beetroot (filled with endurance-enhancing nitric oxide) and curcumin (a potent metabolism-boosting compound). In all, this is the perfect pre-workout to launch your session to the next level, no face tingles necessary. And for the post-workout refuel? I suggest a mini milk chaser. Since you asked, mine's a strawberry flavour, please. It matches my #activewear ??

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PROGRESS // On the left - unhealthy. On the right - healthy. At the start of the year I thought the only way to get abs was being restrictive with my diet. Pizza was on the menu - but only in bite size pieces. And, as you can see from the look on my face, I wasn't happy about it! And then all of a sudden I discovered the WHOLE FOODS DIET. Before that I never knew what whole foods really meant - and then I realised it just meant ALL OF IT. And I've not looked back since. For months I'd been enviously scrolling Instagram seeing lean influencers photographing and talking about all the amazing treats they squeeze into their nutrition plans - doughnuts, popcorn, chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate AND peanut butter - while still looking fantastic. Initially I thought they were all a bunch of phoney liars. Taking a picture of doughy goodness before turning to a plate of leaves. But now I know that, contrary to some people's concerns, everything you see on social media is genuine and real *breathes sigh of relief* And it turns out there's some science behind it too. Research conducted by the esteemed Dr Oetker - an expert in the field - found that refusing to slice up your pizza and eating it whole means your body has to work harder to break it down. This slowing of digestion prevents the insulin spikes associated with weight gain and helps you to feel fuller for longer, preventing snacking. Now that's what I call an upper crust health tip! Lunch, anyone?

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DOWNWARD DOGGING // New trend alert! Hotdog Yoga. It's like hot yoga, but the main sweats you'll get are of the meat variety. And, clean eaters, don't worry about these dirty dogs - the metabolism boost you get from a strong flow is more than enough to make this post-class nutrition calorie neutral. Why not try it this weekend? Happy dogging everyone!

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'GRAM GOLD // This post is everything. Here I get to show you both sides of me with just the smallest repositioning of my leg. On the left, in the classic "unposed" or "reality" set-up, I can show you just what a normal person I am with my flat ass and soft bits. However - On the right, in the "posed" or "Instagram" hip-pop position I've used angles and lighting to look sexy AF. And the best part is I can get away with it without people thinking I'm only about DAT ? LYF because it's off-set by how goddamn inspiring I am being next to it. Win-win. Try this influencer hack and see both your sex appeal and credibility hit ??

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PREP MAKES PERFECT // People don't realise the hard work that goes into looking as lean as I do. Achieving 23% body fat and a set of pen-drawn abs requires forward thinking. Which is where meal prep comes in. Here you'll see what that effort can get you - just 14mins at 200c can bake you 5 lunches filled with protein, fishy brain food and enough quick release carbs to fuel your post-work #HIIT session.

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