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Deze vrouwen kunnen hun zwangere buik laten verdwijnen

Heb jij ooit iets gehoord over belly pump, oftewel, zwangere vrouwen die op mysterieuze wijze hun zwangere buik kunnen laten verdwijnen? Een serie van dit soort video's is laatst viral gegaan, en wow...

Belly Pump is een onderdeel van "The Bloom Method", een oefenprogramma ontworpen voor vrouwen om zich voor te bereiden op het zwangerschap en de begeleiding daarvan. Brooke Cates, een personal trainer wie zich specialiseert in pre- en postnatale oefeningen is de uitvinder van de Belly Pump. Ze legt uit dat ze veel vrouwen had gezien die het gevoel hadden dat ze hun lichaam moesten opgeven om een moeder te worden. Ze dacht: "Wow, wat een negatieve manier om een moeder te worden." 

Het blijkt dus dat de Belly Pump je adem volgt en als je inhaleert, je buik zich uitstrekt. "Hou je adem langzaam en gecontroleerd door de gehele oefening" legt Brooke Cates uit.

Waar we waarschijnlijk allemaal benieuwd naar zijn: waar gaat de baby naartoe als je deze oefening doet? Brooke zegt dat het helemaal veilig is tijdens de beweging en dat het "gewoon" in de ribbeugel glijdt.

Nu ben je vast benieuwd naar hoe dit er nou uitziet:


Belly Pumping aka Diaphragmatic breathing with Deep Core Engagement! Why do we think EVERY expecting mother should be adding this to her daily regimen? 1️⃣ Helps to maintain a connection to the deep core muscles throughout pregnancy {pelvic floor, transverse abdominis, & Multifidus} 2️⃣ Decreases low back & Pelvic pain due to the deep cores ability to stabilize the spine & pelvis 3️⃣ Decreases your chance of abdominal separation by creating a balancing effect of the Inhale- creating space for the baby & the Exhale - maintaining strength in the muscles of the deep core 4️⃣ Helps teach women how to effective PUSH during labor. Knowing how to use your deep core during the pushing phase of birth speeds up pushing time by over 70% 5️⃣ Provides more stability postpartum while speeding up healing times during this rehabilitative stage 6️⃣ Keeps the expecting woman in parasympathetic nervous system, providing de-stressing signals to her and baby {this is much healthier than the Fight or Flight space most people currently live in} ::Add belly pumps to workouts or do throughout your day to create more balance and strength to your pregnancy. Try while driving, siting at your desk, brushing your teeth, cooking, etc :: The Belly Pump follows your breath with an inhale as the belly expands, Exhale as you activate your PF & TA together. Keep the breath slow and controlled throughout the exercise! #fitpregnancy #prenatalexercise #birthprep #prenatalworkout #prenatalfitness #pregnancyfitness #pregnancyexercise #birth #labor #expecting #prenatalcore #pregnant #pregnancy #maternity #thebloommethod #boulder #colorado #aspen #aspencolorado #fitness #fitmom #exercise #core

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Happy Spring Mamas! Our beautiful instructor Rachel tapping into her deep core on her stunning hike this afternoon! Do you connect to your changing core in both exercise & daily movements? Do you know what intra-abdominal pressure is and how to maintain appropriate pressure in your abdomen whether pregnant or not? Are you aware that incorrect intra-abdominal pressure throughout your pregnancy (or after) can increase your chances of having diastasis Recti, PF prolapse & incontinence? Simple re-patterning can shift all of this while providing better results through exercise & other movement modalities. The Bloom Method wants to help you with all of this... pregnancy doesn't have to cause pain, it doesn't have to be complicated, It doesn't have to create a sense of disconnect within your body and it most certainly shouldn't make you feel any other way than Empowered & Strong! Shifting unnecessary movement & breathing patterns will provide more joy & awareness in your body than you may have imagined! TBM Belly Pumps are a must for all mamas, while we teach a series of deep core engagement exercises these are super yummy and easy for any woman to incorporate into her pregnancy! Adding BP's to your day may feel weird at first as most of us are chest breathers before we draw awareness to the imporantace of diaphragmatic breathing. Stick with it and be patient... your body came into this world breathing this way, it just has to remember ? We know you want to feel better during pregnancy (no pelvic or low back pain), decrease your chance of abdominal separation & PF prolapse or incontinence, become more aware of your deep core in ALL movements; not just your workout, build a stronger relationship with your PF outside of the dreaded kegel, & better understand how to use your deep core in the pushing phase of labor - making your pushing time drastically less, and heal quicker and safely pp! Give it a try and feel free to reach out if you need guidance- #fitpregnancy #fitbump #bellypump #thebloommethod #fitpregnancy #pregnancyfitness #pregnancyexercise #prenatalexercise #prenatalfitness #strongasamother

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En dat was niet alles... Deze vrouw demonstreert de Belly Pump terwijl ze 33 weken zwanger is van een tweeling. Bizar!


When your 33 weeks pregnant with twins, your body tends to ache in crazy ways BUT not when you add our foundational core technique to your daily regimen. In fact when you stay connected to your TA throughout pregnancy you gain the ability to keep your body feeling as close to normal as possible. @exercisingbalance has been adding our belly pump to her pregnancy & look at how strong her TA has remained!! She can actually lift both of her babies off of her pelvis during her engagement and relieve herself of back pain in minutes! ?? amazing job mama, you're strength is amazing!! #Repost @exercisingbalance ・・・ 33 weeks today!! ✋? Still able to work my abs ?? @baby_mountains requested a video doing these belly pump exercises. My friends at @thebloommethod can give you more info on it. If you haven't seen my other video demonstrating this, you basically relax your transverse abdominus as you inhale, then engage your TA as you exhale. Inhale relax your core, exhale engage. I'm amazed that I've made it to 33 weeks with twins and have pretty much no low back pain. If I'm on my feet too much, my low back starts to ache, but I've been extremely grateful for exercises like this to keep my core and low back strong as my babies grooooow and my belly stretches ?? These are another essential exercise (along with squats) to add to your prenatal fitness regimen. ? #fitpregnancy #pregnant #pregnantwithtwins #pregnancycore #pregnancyexercise #pregnancyfitness #healthybabies #healthymom #33weekspregnant #birth #labor

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 Ben jij nou zwanger en wil je de Belly Pump uitproberen? Hier een tutorial om je het makkelijker te maken. ;)


A quick tutorial on our infamous "Belly Pump" aka diaphragmatic belly breath + core activation. This exercise is just one of the foundational techniques used within The Bloom Method - we believe it to be a an incredible teacher in correct breath work, core connection , and mindfulness, among many others. We have our clients implement this amazing tool in various ways throughout pregnancy and believe that it's one of the reasons our average first time mom is experiencing a birth pushing rate of less than 30 minutes, a more comfortable pregnancy, and a decrease in abdominal separation, PF incontinence, prolapse and other pregnancy related pains. Try adding this into your daily routine - try it sitting at a desk, brushing your teeth, during meditation, commuting to and from work, during your workout and other daily activities that you take part in. The idea is that it's easily implemented, making your modern mom life, a lot easier. Of course this exercise can be expanded on and there are tons of ways to implement and reap its benefits but in the fashion of keeping it simple and our limited ability to educate via social media, "JUST BREATHE" diaphragmatically that is and add the core activation during the exhale! #37weekspregnant #fitpregnancy #fitfam #fitmom #fitbump #fitmamas #prenatal #pregnantcore #prenatalworkout #thebloommethod #bellypump #bellypumping #redefiningpregnancyexercise #prenatalexercise #pregnancyfitness #pregnancyexercise #birthprep #birth #laborprep #labor #midwife #doula #safeprenatalfitness #diaphragmaticbreathing #fitforbirth @fitpregnancy @babble @babycenter @popsugarmoms @popsugarfitness @scarymommy @redbookmag @cafemomofficial @daily_mail_online @thelunacenter

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7 jaar geleden

Ik kan er niet naar kijken! :-(

7 jaar geleden

Ik ben heel benieuwd naar hoe de binnenkant eruit ziet. Of die baby ook daadwerkelijk 'gewoon' de ribbeugel in beweegt. Zien = pas geloven! Ik vind het trouwens zó jammer dat er steeds maar gehoor wordt gegeven aan vrouwen die klagen dat ze hun strakke lijf moeten opgeven. Ja, je kunt er inderdaad in mee gaan en zulke absurde technieken aanleren. Maar je kunt die vrouwen ook gewoon laten accepteren dat het gewoon zo is en dat het misschien ook wel meevalt en zo niet, dat ze dan postpartum aan de bak gaan. Dat laatste lijkt me een stuk gezonder, voor lichaam én geest.

7 jaar geleden

Dat kan toch niet goed zijn???!!!