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Eerste verjaardag van onze wondertje


Happiest birthday to our little fighter❤️.

It’s been a rough year we’ve been through. The moment you came unexpected, the trauma we’ve all been through. The moment that test our Love and faith. The time we realize how strong we are. And how weak some people around us are.

The experience that test each and everyone of us! Some who understand and few that don’t. Some doesn’t seem to care out of ignorance and some we can really count on. Some people judge without knowing the real score. Some only understand in there way of perspective. But alot of them stay and support us all the way. It’s hard! It’s difficult but even though we are still processing everything mentally, emotionally and physically here we are giving you the best that you deserve.

The perfection of fighting the fight where winning was not an option!

Where existence of the word “giving up” dont exist because in our heart we knew we have you♥️!!

We knew your fighting your own fight, and we are there giving you love and encouraging you to go on holding your little hands, and hugging your tiny body so close to ours.

Few times they give up on you “saying goodbye” was already an option laid infront of us.

BUT.... Your mama and papa didn’t allow that word to be present, instead we cherished all the moments day and night hugging you, talking to you and singing to you😍🎼🎼inside the NICU. We both know youre ours and we are yours.

Seeing you grow everyday is a blessing.

Capturing your smile, happy mornings and moody moment is like the best I could ever think of. Even if I could......I wouldn’t trade this experience for having a perfect “YOU” in our lives.

Thank you for fighting to be with us. Thank you for showing us what “STRONG” word means, what word “sacrifice” means, and what “FAMILY” means.

Thank you for completing us my LOVE.

This is the celebration of “LIFE” where DEATH walked upon us.

Here we are with you in our arms.

Overcoming the fight we never thought of winning!

WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH Vivyann ♥️♥️

You overcome all of those hazards.

What a fighter you are. Mama’s little angel♥️♥️ and Papa’s minime😍.