bekken instablietijd

hoe het is om nog dagelijks pijn te hebben.

so, I am going to blog in English as it is my native language and much quicker. I can read and write in dutch but it cost a lot more effort.

4 months ago i gave birth to my second child. Where everything should be getting back to normal i find myself still lagging and living with pain. During my first pregnancy I developed a pelvic drop or in my best dutch (bekken instablietijd) Before it ever happend to me I have never heard of it. I was a very active person who liked to run for 45 min or bike all day. I cleaned houses for 9 hours a week and suddenly even sitting on the couch was just painful. before being healed oopsy we were pregnant again.

It was a surprise and we were not in any way ready for it. On new years day I lost a lot of blood and we assumed - this was it. Over get on with our lives. So the next day I went to the verloskundige and saw a heart beat for the first time! I was still loosing blood so we weren't sure if the baby would hold on or not. But sure enough it did and continue to grow I did!

Even though I was very active with my toddler and tried to eat very healthy I just seem to gain weight when I am pregnant. so not fair.

But okay I acepted that again I would gain 25 kilos with this pregnancy.

With week 20 at the echo we got the news that our baby wasn't growing. I was given strict orders to take more rest. This did not sit well with me. If I slowed down any and my body continued to grow then I could not do much more during the day. Not with a toddler who was walking this ment losing a lot of control. So my work cut back and I conitnued to get echos every 2 weeks. Slowly our Little Maya began to grow.

After giving birth all I could focus on was getting better so that I could walk normally again.

Now 4 months after birth and I still cannot go for a jog or stand for very long.

9 jaar geleden

Its not strang. More common than you eould think anf to answer your question. It almost never goes away on its own. It can continur to worsen until the point of wheel chair. What ever pain you have after the first year is even harder to getrid of. I firstwas sseeing a general fiso and that didn't help at all since being by a bekken specialist heb ik wat op luchting. Now i have to work to get strong!! Dus bellen, afspraak maken rn niet meer wachten! Jr bent het warde

9 jaar geleden

Heel raar misschien maar ik heb er pas last van gekregen ná de bevalling. Heb nog niet aan de bel getrokken omdat ik hoopte dat het weg zou gaan maar heb er sinds Oktober last van iemand enig idee hoelang dit kan aanhouden?

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Wat zwaar! Wel heel bezonder dat jullie een tussen weg hebben gevonden met de furniture

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Goed tip idd!